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How Do Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) Work? | SG

Reduce Your Scope 2 Carbon Emissions

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The Energy Problem

Electricity is produced from both green & grey sources. When it is fed into the grid & distributed, each electron is indistinguishable.

Renewable Energy

(Green Energy)

Fossil Energy

(Gray Energy)

There is no way for electricity consumers to track ‘green’ or ‘grey’ electrons through the central grid

Clean Your Energy Source with REC

While electron source cannot be backtracked, your company can purchase a REC (Renewable Energy Certificate) to track the green attributes of renewable energy.

The Benefits from REC

Warranty 25 years final (1)

Accredited by International REC Standard, acknowledged by Greenhouse Gas Protocol, SBT, ISO and RE100

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Official legal instrument, sold by authorized REC broker.

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Reduces your greenhouse gas emissions from electricity.

Warranty 25 years final (2)

No additional equipment or installation required

Not sure how to start? REC Thailand can easily onboard you with our specialised team!

The Full Picture of How RECS work

A Very Simple Summary on REC

Renewable electricity generation produces 2 distinct market commodities:

REC Certificate


physical asset sold hrough grid


intangible assets sold to certificates

For 100% renewable energy, purchase REC equivalent to MWh consumed.

So How Do I Claim the REC?

REC allows your company to make claim about your electricity usage, and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from electricity. This can be in your:

ESG Report

Sustainability Report

Publication & Press

Sales Material

Sample claims of Using REC

Which Technology is Best For My Company?

Solar & Wind

How RECs Work icon solar
How RECs Work icon wind

Biomass & Hydropower

How RECs Work icon biomass
How RECs Work icon hydropower

So How Do I Claim the REC?

How Do Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) Work?

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